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Control 2/3 of The Nations Wealth

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Every Women Should Own Their Own Financial Future

Cary is passionate about empowering women to discover their unique path to financial freedom. Financial freedom can be achieved by anyone! That is why I'm an advocate for educating women on the importance of making all the right moves with their money and investing in their future.

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Hi, I'm Cary

I grew up with my dad who was an SVP for JP Morgan Chase. I was his oldest and we bonded over money rather than sports. We went to foreclosure auctions and Straight Talk with the Dolans and he took me to work before there was a "take your daughter to work day." Money and financial literacy was in my blood. I didn't even know people didn't know this. When I went to college, I founded a national sorority for women to feel safe. I would also teach everyone how to do budgets. When I graduated college, I went right into banking and working with clients for JP Morgan Chase in the management training program and the executive management training program after I received my MBA. I held various roles at Citibank and Lord Abbet Mutual Funds before I started my own financial planning firm. I also received my CFP designation. This is Certified Financial Planner, the gold standard in my industry. After starting my own firm, I merged with a larger one, United Capital. I had many ups and downs along the way. I got divorced, remarried, United Capital was sold to Goldman and it took me years to get out. I wrote a book for women to help them "Build Wealth and Banish Fear." I started speaking all over the world and doing hundreds of media segments on Women and Money. I became a CFP Board Ambassador and won a bunch of awards within my industry. I also founded Women's Leadership at United Capital. The "ONE THING" theme throughout my life was to always help women feel safe, secure, heard, never be a victim but a victor, raise them up, etc. My profession fails and is least sympathetic to women and can gain the most if it can change its approach. This is my life's work to make the industry female friendly.

It was our great privilege and honor to have Cary speak at our Events 'DIAMOND Nights' to develop strong, female leaders on both the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Cary's ability to connect with and inspire the women, while giving them practical empowering tips on managing their finances was amazing, with ladies from both events giving her rave reviews.

It is my great pleasure to recommend Cary (the Money Queen) to any organization looking for an engaging, inspiring and empowering speaker.

-Fabe Kelly

Cary is phenomenal. She clearly cares about her clients and consistently takes time to understand our goals and priorities. Her in-depth industry knowledge has ensured that our money has been well-managed, and her regular updates regarding our personalized portfolio strategies keep us well-informed. She is the perfect mix of honest and supportive.

Cary has been a huge part in making our retirement dreams come true and we are truly grateful for all she has done over the years!

-Christine Dill