Book Reviews

“Cary does an incredibly smart job of making you understand money instead of fearing it. If your dream is to build wealth and a lucrative future for yourself this is a must read. She is indeed the Money Queen!”  – Tamsen Fadal, TV Anchor and Host / Author of “The New Single


“Money Queen is the jewel in the crown of financial planning guides for women. Top wealth adviser Cary Carbonaro offers easy to understand step-by-step advice that can help any woman take charge of her finances. The book is a page-turner, filled with numerous real-life examples of common pitfalls, including blunders made by the author.  I highly recommend this book for any woman seeking to boost her household coffers.”  –Erika Miller, financial news correspondent/television news correspondent


“Cary Carbonaro, CFP®, brings financial expertise, advisory experience, and best of all, her savvy and style as a professional woman to her new book “The Money Queen’s Guide.”  This is one book that talks straight to women, helping them navigate the special financial issues that they, as women, have to deal with.” – Eleanor Blayney, CFP®  Consumer Advocate for CFP Board,  Author of “Women’s Worth: Finding Your Financial Confidence


“The Money Queen’s Guide is a terrific book, full of common sense and highly professional insights from a woman who rose out of the ashes of her own struggle to help other women find financial peace and freedom from fear. All women as well as men should read this book!” – Steve Pomeranz, CFP®, Host of On The Money Radio, Nationally Syndicated NPR


“I am fortunate to have Cary as a colleague and friend. Her book is an inspiration to all women and a testament to her journey – you can be fun, fabulous and financially savvy!” – Kathleen Grace, CFP®, CIMA® and Author of Prince Not So Charming